The most advanced lens designs

Unparalleled optical solutions to match the finest frames

Our practice offers premium optical solutions by partnering with the strongest leaders in optics. We specialize in the dispensing of progressive lenses and in complex prescriptions that require special attention. Advanced optical solutions make use of technology to deliver a tailor-made, customized fit. The prescription is compensated in accordance to your facial anatomy, the selected frame, and your main daily activities. Additional technologies maximize adaptation to progressives and overall visual experience by the reduction of swim effect, maximizing fields of vision, and optimizing reaction time.
See sharper, wider, faster.


The platinum standard in optical centration

Is your eyecare professional marking your optical centers manually with a felt tip pen? Inaccurate centration can lead to a 40% reduction in the optical performance of a lens. While digital centration has become the gold standard of care, other centration instruments require a calibration clip to be attached to the frame, and multiple images to be captured at various angles. Digital + 3D centration conducted at our clinic, using ZEISS VISUFIT, eliminates any possible error associated with improper alignment of calibration clips, using 9 linked cameras to produce a complete and instant 180° view of the wearer. To avoid vergence, even in short distances, the device utilizes a laser speck as a projection to infinity, ensuring data reliability. Right and left back vertex distance determination provides an unprecedented level of accuracy in the calculation of the lens design, taking individual wearer parameters into account. The wearer’s body and head posture also being crucial to determining accurate measurements, ZEISS VISUFIT allows our opticians to compensate for any measurement errors associated with the patient’s posture, providing them with a quicker and more comfortable experience.

Lens portfolio


The Zeiss progressive INDIVIDUAL3/SMART LIFE is the most advanced lens design currently offered by Zeiss. Beyond technology used to tailor the prescription to the eyes, frame, and face, the design also takes into account visual behavior affected by our daily activities, and optimizes both day and night vision. The INDIVIDUAL3/SMART LIFE is finished with the Duravision Platinum coating or the DuraVision Blue Protect coating.


The Varilux X series are at the top of the Essilor spectrum of progressive lenses. These designs include technology that minimize unwanted deviation of light, resulting in a reduction swim effect. The prescription for each eye is also calculated as a pair, ensuring that the design is built around both eyes working together as a visual system, to provide more expansive vision from edge to edge than ever before. Exclusively available with the Visioffice© System, only 4D technology factors in the unique measurement of the wearer’s dominant eye, revolutionizing the benefits of personalization. Varilux S 4D lenses offer faster visual reaction time. We dispense the Varilux S portfolio with Crizal Sapphire UV coating or Crizal Prevencia coating.

Varilux Technologies


The SeeMax Power is the leading progressive design offered by Nikon. SeeMax Power utilizes wearers’ personal parameters such as far vision power, pupil distance, near vision working distance, and lens shape in order to generate ultimate wearing comfort. SeeMax Power is dispensed with SeeCoat Plus or SeeCoat Blue.



While we specialize in the dispensing of optimal progressive lens solutions, we of course offer premium single vision (distance or reading only) lenses,  business lenses (maximized vision for computer and reading only), and other ophthalmic solutions for designated purposes. Consult one of our dedicated staff members today.

Longevity, accuracy, authenticity

Invest in your lenses with confidence

The world’s leading developers of  lenses stand behind their products. Lenses produced by Zeiss, Essilor, and Nikon are protected by a 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects, as well as a 90-day adaptation period for varifocal designs. No luck with progressives in the past? Make use of cutting-edge stabilization technologies and see the difference.

Experts in troubleshooting

Experienced progressive wearers are generally the ones who benefit most from top-tier lens designs. Once accustomed to making use of the various lens areas, users often marvel at the increased fields of vision when upgraded to the latest generation of progressives. Even with the most advanced technology available on the market, progressives can still generate discomfort in first-time wearers. Our expert staff are here to help. Beyond a proactive approach in taking the most anatomically correct measurements, our opticians have years of experience documenting various troubleshooting corrections, and a reactive solution is virtually always attained when necessary. The 90-day adaptation period covers any substitution in lens design deemed appropriate by the optician to remedy any symptoms described by patients.

Demand your certificate of authenticity

The optical solutions dispensed at Albert Opticians are always accompanied with certificates of authenticity from the manufacturer, which specify the lens design and coating. Wherever you choose to have lenses made, always inquire about which product you will receive, and demand proof of authenticity if a specific lens manufacturer and product were mentioned to you at the time of purchase.


Expediting your order using the world’s leading edging technology.

Essilor is the world’s leading producer of finished lens edging instruments for eyecare professionals and prescription laboratories. These machines handle all aspects of lens production, from vision testing to measuring, edging, piercing and mounting. Mr. Blue is a digital system that integrates a tracer-centerer-blocker and an edger allowing for precise and accurate edging in uniquely designed frames. If an appointment is scheduled, we are able to have lenses cut into a frame within a few hours. This allows patients to order a prescription without the inconvenience of having to go without glasses for days. Ask our opticians for more details.